Friday, February 13, 2009

Taiwan's cultural capital: Four short tours in the Tainan area (Travel in Taiwan)

Taiwan's Kyoto. A city with an ancient temple on every street. The island's first capital, and today still a bastion of traditional culture. Surrounding it, one of Taiwan's most important agricultural regions. The Tainan area has so much to offer tourists that visitors have to be selective, or else they'll run themselves ragged trying to see everything.

If you take the high-speed train to Tainan, you’ll need to get from the station, 11 kilometers southwest of the city, to the downtown district. You can rent a car at the station, jump in a taxi, or take one of the free shuttle buses that go into the heart of the city. Those who use the older, slower Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) trains will arrive in the center of the action. There are several bus stations and bus stops within 200 meters of the TRA station...

This article is on Travel in Taiwan's website, where you'll have to do a search using my name. The photo here shows the Former Tainan Meeting Hall, a superbly-renovated Japanese-era building.

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