Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lugang's glass gallery (China Post)

Lugang in central Taiwan is rightly known for its traditional architecture and stunning temples. Most of its inhabitants, of course, live thoroughly modern lifestyles, and the township has its share of factories. One of these, a plant operated by Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise Ltd., has thrown its doors open to the public.

In May 2006, the company – which started in 1943 with just two workers – unveiled the Taiwan Glass Gallery. The TGG is certainly more of a gallery (in that it shows what the modern glass industry is capable of) than a museum. There's precious little about the history of glass-making...

The rest of the article can be read online.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taiwan Today

Taiwan Journal, formerly Free China Journal and then briefly Taipei Journal, is no more. The weekly print edition has been folded into a new Government Information Office website called Taiwan Today. The new site is updated daily and features translations of items from local Chinese-language newspapers as well as commissioned content. Articles I did for the Taiwan Journal (I've wrote features and the occasional op-ed for them between late 1998 and a month or two ago) can be read online at the Taiwan Today site.