Thursday, April 24, 2008

Foreign birdwatchers flocking to Taiwan (China Post)

Taiwan's government is working hard to attract more foreign tourists to the island, and one market niche where progress is being made is bird-watching.

Jo Ann Mackenzie, a Canadian who has participated in or co-led 15 birding tours in Taiwan, isn't surprised.

"My first tour was in March 2003," MacKenzie said in an e-mail interview last month. "You might say I 'fell in love' with Taiwan then, and I still feel that way. Because Taiwan is a safe country - good infrastructure, stable, democratic, with beautiful scenery, wonderful food, and friendly and welcoming people - it's a perfect introduction to Asia."

MacKenzie, the executive secretary of the International Taiwan Birding Association (Canada), says foreign bird enthusiasts often leave Taiwan greatly impressed -- not only by the avian treasures they've seen, but also by other facets of the country.

The entire article is here. The photo is of a Black-browed Barbet, sometimes known as a Muller's Barbet.

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