Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in Time: 2005

Here's some of what I got up to in 2005.

For the COMPASS Media Group, I went
whitewater rafting on the Laonong River, and scootered from my home to Kaohsiung County's impressive mud volcano. Less exciting was my trip to Chia Ba Railway Station. The Taiwan Railway Administration now spells the name of that station - which means "Chiayi North" in Chinese - Jiabei. A lengthy cover story I did for COMPASS about amateur moviemakers is no longer online.

For the China Post, I visited
the artisans of Meinong, Chiayi County's Suanin Waterfalls, and a Qing Dynasty-era graveyard near Jiasian. The good people of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area showed me around for a day, which resulted in two articles: One, about Shuangchun Coastal Ecology Park, is online. The other, about Beimen and it's salt-making past, isn't.

I had four long features published in the American Chamber of Commerce's Taiwan Business Topics monthly: Visiting the land of salt and spoonbills in May; Cycling for recreation and health in September; Whitewater fun on Taiwan's rivers in October; and, in November, Sanmin - Where Taiwan's tribes co-exist.

I wrote two articles for Voyage: Travels In China and Asia, a China-based print magazine which soon changed its name to Asia & Away, and then closed down. The website is still up, and one of my articles is still there:
High Culture, about the aboriginal district now known as Namasiya.

For Travel In Taiwan, I wrote about Kaohsiung Harbor, day trips from Kaohsiung, and Meinong's oil-paper umbrellas (pictured here). To find those articles, follow the directions at the end of
this post.

For the Taiwan Journal, I reviewed progress in the
biotechnology sector. That's not a subject I often write about - and perhaps it shows.

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