Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strange fruit at Fengshan Ecology Garden (China Post)

Located in one of the remotest and most thinly-populated corners of Chiayi County, Fengshan Ecology Garden isn't a place you're likely to stumble across.

However, if you're planning to drive between the small town of Jhongpu and Nansi in Tainan County via Highway No. 3, or take the breathtakingly steep and scenic section of Road No. 172 that links Jhongpu with the hot springs resort of Guanziling, you'll see signs pointing the way to this place, which is just inland of the small village of Yunshui.

When you pull into the car park - parking and admission are free - you'll find Fengshan Ecology Garden is actually quite a popular destination on weekends. Operated by the central government's Council of Agriculture, Fengshan is neither an urban botanical garden nor a forest recreation area. At first glance, it looks like much of the surrounding countryside: Narrow roads connect isolated farming households, and the skyline is dominated by betel nut trees...

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