Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in time: 2007

My output in terms of words has been pretty good in recent months. In terms of published articles, less so - simply because I've been devoted my time and energy to the guidebook. So, to keep this blog moving, here's a selection from my work back in 2007.

At the invitation of Wild At Heart Legal Defense Association, a Taipei-based environmental group, I visited Youcinggu, a ravine in Yunlin County that's being inundated for a reservoir project. The trip resulted in two articles- this one for the China Post and a longer, much more detailed piece for Taiwan Business Topics. To find out what's been happening with the Hushan Dam project, visit this blog.

For the China Post I also wrote about a forest reserve that's just down the road from where I live, a recreational farm, a haunted house, and Taiwan's greenest building. I wrote about that building - and another sustainable library from the same team of architects - for the government-backed website.

The now-defunct Taiwan Journal ran a two-part report of mine on Taiwan's translation industry, here and here. For the Taiwan Review I wrote about international interest in the academic field of Taiwan Studies.

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