Monday, January 3, 2011

The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan

I just received my copy of the third edition of The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan, a 112-page booklet published by the central government's Research, Development & Evaluation Commission. I served as one of five English-language advisers (by far the most eminent of whom was Doris Brougham) updating the book. Rather than go through the booklet word-by-word, line-by-line, we made suggestions as to what should and shouldn't be included, and how the layout could be improved.

The guide is packed with useful telephone numbers and website addresses, and explains to expatriates and visitors how to travel around the island (public transportation and self-driving), as well as studying, investing, and health care.

Copies should be available at local branches of the National Immigration Agency. If you go to this page and scroll down, you'll see a link to the pdf of the English-language edition.


Unknown said...

not sure whether this one is the one you are talking about, but there is a pdf file that you can download online.

Iago de Otto said...

In '82 or'83, Studio Classroom had some type of biz connection to ELSI and Doris served as a "consultant", allowing the ELSI franchise-holder, Ken Hou, to advertise thru the magazine and thereby accrue a reputable status as a new English school endeavor in competition with ELS (now gone these many years) and LTTC. I was the foreign assistant academic director, and Doris would sit in on these ridiculous, frustrating meetings that we held with good ole Ken. She seemed to recognize the absurdity of the meeting scenarios and I felt she appreciated my barely concealed sarcasm, which went right over the boss's head, or maybe just in and out of his ears. I thought Doris to be a good sort, pleasant to work with and with a kindhearted sense of humor. I'm happy to hear that she is still kicking.