Friday, December 9, 2011

Ha! Ha! Hot Kaohsiung!

Ha! Ha! Hot Kaohsiung! is the name of a 120-page booklet just published by Kaohsiung City Government's Research, Development & Evaluation Commission. I was one of the editors for this project.

The booklet has a lot of tourist information (especially about Meinong, Fengshan and Zuoying districts), plus information about restaurants, homestays, shops and hospitals which have received English Emblem awards for bilingual service.


Anonymous said...


Is there anywhere that you can download a copy of this booklet?



Anonymous said...

Did you have any say in the title?

Steven Crook... said...

No, I wasn't asked to suggest a title, or comment on the one chosen by the city government.

Steven Crook... said...

I asked the city government if it's possible to download the booklet and they told me, "Not yet." I'll post here if that changes.