Thursday, September 5, 2013

Small wonders: The Penghu islands (En Voyage)

It takes less than an hour to fly from any of Taiwan’s major cities to Penghu, but a visit to this group of windswept isles is no daytrip. Look at a map and you’ll realize that the archipelago is simply too big and too spread out. 

There are 90 islands, only 19 of which have permanent human inhabitants. The two most- photographed sights — Jibei’s stunning sand spit and Qimei’s Double-Hearted Weir — are a full 60km apart. Nor should you try to cover everything in a weekend, even a long one. If ever a destination were suited to slow travel, it’s Penghu, where ocean views and ruined cottages [one pictured right] urge lingering attention...

This article, which appeared back in July in EVA Airlines' rebranded inflight magazine (formerly called Verve), can be read online. Click here and scroll through the pages.

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