Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Writing for Skyline

For 26 consecutive months in 2006-2008, I contributed a travel-related article for each issue of SKYLINE, the inflight magazine of Far Eastern Air Transport (a minor Taiwan-based airline also known as FAT). The magazine was produced for FAT by the Taipei branch of the Conde Nast media empire. 

I’d almost forgotten about this pleasant but unchallenging gig - which ended abruptly when the airline was forced into financial restructuring - until the other day, when I cleared out some of the hundreds of magazines I’ve accumulated in my writing career. Several of the pieces I produced for SKYLINE were rewrites/updates of previous work, such the articles about shopping for souvenirs in Taiwan and travelling with children. I also wrote about Siraya National Scenic Area, the north coast, as well as Taiwan’s old streets. If you know Taiwan at all well, you’ll know that, so far as domestic tourism is concerned, ‘old streets’ are much more than - and yet sometimes not even - streets lined with picturesque old buildings.

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