Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A magazine that used to pay, but no longer...

Back in early 2007, I did a short article on Yanshuei's Beehive Fireworks Festival for realtravel, a British travel magazine. I was paid GBP50 for my trouble - acceptable given the brevity of the piece, and the fact it was simply a rewrite of something I've sold several times over.

Recently I contacted the magazine again, asking if they'd like a piece on aboriginal food (I suggested this title: Have you ever eaten raw pickled flying-squirrel intestines?). They said yes. When I asked about payment, this is what I was told:

"As we receive such a high number of pieces for our Have You Ever section, we no longer pay readers/writers for these submissions. Should you still be interested in writing for us, do get in touch."

The apparent willingness of many people to write for nothing upsets and outrages some people trying to make a living by travel writing. I don't lose any sleep over it - but I do find it more than annoying that a magazine that started off paying, and presumably makes enough money to continue paying, decides it's no longer necessary.

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