Thursday, October 30, 2008

Temple of the dog (China Post)

The second most-famous temple in Yunlin County's Beigang Township has the misfortune of being just a few hundred meters from one of South Taiwan's best known places of worship.

Were it located elsewhere, Yimin Temple would enjoy greater prominence. It is historically important and rich in art. Fine wooden decorations, plus numerous plaques, tablets and engravings commemorate the "yimin" - the "sincere and righteous martyrs" - interred on the temple grounds.

More significantly, it differs from the vast majority of Taiwanese shrines in that the spiritual entities worshipped here include not only gods and deities that were once human, but also a dog...

The article is here, while the entry on my iPhone travel app can be seen here. The title, of course, is an allusion to this rock band.

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